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How do you know what you are actually getting when buy LED’s

IBA LED Company main focus is with industrial and commercial led lighting products. They have been developing this market for over 10 years. Our company works very closely with factories in china working hand and hand with this engineer’s explaining to them exactly our needs required in building products for our market. We find it absolutely amazing when visiting our factory’s to see big box store and US distributor products being made where the lights have been cheapened and the quality has been removed in order to be the cheapest in our market with large profit margins.

There are there components in a led fixture that play a key role in manufacturing lights that provide qualities that you should know.

1. Drivers- which is the number one critical component in every led fixture. you have many choices to choose from.

2. Heat sinks- which is the aluminum used in a fixture or bulb that absorbs heat from the LED’s and drivers keeping them cool.

3. LED’s- there are three levels of quality to choose from.

The only one visible feature when buying led’s is the heat sink. Some suppliers have replaced this with plastics. Some have replaced it with a combination of plastic and aluminum. Either way this is a major down grade in the quality of the product. 95% of the time it is the drive that fails in a led product. It is that heat sink that keeps a quality driver cool.

In order to see what driver you have you would have to open the product to look inside the fixture. Even then they all appear to look the same so unless you are an electrical engineer by trade there truly is no way to know. With that being said look closely at the warranty. If they give you the warranty in year’s you are again being fooled. If the warranty is stated in hours now you can have a better idea what driver you really have. All quality drivers are rated at 50,000 hours and have few disclaimers noted on the product. Let’s face it if you hot wire the led incorrectly and you toast the drive well that is on you.

The technology in the actual led’s has come a long way over the years. LED’s are produced in different lumens yet they all look the same. The average led by itself puts out 130 lumens so the more LED’s you have in a light the brighter the light is going to be. IBA LED company is now stocking products that produce 170 lumens per led which increases the total light output considerably. The cost in doing this to these products was so little there was no need to increase our selling price.

If you go on line to buy led products good luck with that as they all promise you the world. Your best bet is to contact a legitimate led company that works closely and directly with the manufactures in china. You will be shocked to see how competitive pricing is for these quality features.

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