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How to know what LED Wattage flood light will meet your expectations  in lighting your arena

If you are looking to replace, enhance or construct a new stadium, IBA LED's team of experts are her to help. We specialize in providing our clients quality LED flood lights and much more. We offerFree of charge detailed Photo-metric reports highlighting the potential finished lighting results prior to your purchase. Our customers who have converted from old halogen fixtures have seen significant savings and cut their energy bill costs by 70% resulting in significant savings. They have yet to see the additional savings they will experience just in maintenance  costs alone. Our 50,000 hour warranty on all our lighting products will prove this out. 

It is hard to express the jubilation our customers are expressing not only over savings but the improved quality  of lighting in their stadiums. Can you picture your field as well lighted as the photo on this website. 

We can so give us a call today  for your free estimate for all your LED lighting needs!

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