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Daylight Harvesting: Microwave Systems vs PIR Sensors

For years commercial offices, schools and government buildings have been searching for a way to lower their lighting costs by switching to LED.

Most people are familiar with the basic performance enhancements LED lighting brings to the table such as lower wattage, more lumen output, longevity and lower maintenance costs. However, many of these commercial spaces are running their lights 24hrs a day when they could be lowering the wattage and lumen output during the day to further increase their energy savings.

For years electricians have used Daylight Harvesting Systems which use PIR sensors(passive infrared sensor) to detect the prevailing light level in the environment. It then adjusting the amount of light a fixture puts out. Unfortunately, this is an outdated method and many electricians and clients are frustrated with the systems performance and look.


  • Lights do not stay in sync because of the PIR Sensor

  • PIR Sensor must be on the exterior of the fixture

  • Sensitive to Dust and Smoke

As a result of these ongoing issues engineers have created a new Microwave Unit that is factory installed on each fixture and can be customizable based on the project. These sensors detect heat by measuring the ambient temperature of the room using several detection beams. When a difference in temperature is detected by one of the beams, the sensor is activated, switching on the lights. When all the beams sense the same temperature again, the lights will switch off. Fixtures will also adjust based on footcandle requirements.

Positive Features:

  • Factory installed

  • Completely sealed into each fixture

  • Motions sensors react to vibration and echo patterns

  • Motion Sensor and daylight controlled

  • Lighting can be set on a room by room basis

  • Remote control capability.

If you're an electrician looking for a simplistic commercial grade solution for projects such as this, give us a call today. We will work with you to customize each project and provide you a photometric you can present to you clients at no additional charge to you or your client.

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