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When it is time to decide which LED bulb to install in your poultry house, the options for a simple dimmable LED bulb may seem endless. The problem is not all LED bulbs are created equal. Manufacturers have never taken the time to understand the industry needs. This has resulted in simply trying to modify existing bulbs with the hopes that they would perform in the field. The fact is, most LED bulbs look very similar except IBA's. It is easy to reduce the quality of key technical components that you cannot see, such as the heat sink, drivers, LED’s and the 97% dimming relay. You would not know the difference until your lights are installed and they do not perform as expected.

As you know the lighting you choose will play a major role in operating a successful poultry house. The bulb you select will have a significant impact on the health and wellness of your flock as well as your profit margins. In order to protect your vested interest these bulbs must be reliable with the ability to withstand difficult conditions.

IBA's Poultry Bulbs are the only dimmable LED bulb that has been specifically engineered for the unique needs of this specialized industry. After three years of stringent testing by major agricultural universities in this country, and eight years or more of on-site use in major poultry brand supply houses such as Pilgrim's, Predue, George’s Foods and Tysons, performance results have been exceptional, resulting in happier staff, happier chickens and a corresponding increase in profits to your bottom line.

Our hands-on experience with growers helped us study Kelvin, Foot candles, light patterns, compatibility to controllers, dirt build-up and cleaning, temperature issues for cold and hot climates, bulb flickering, and most importantly, the smooth consistent range of the bulbs’ ability to dim. This information allowed us to manufacture a commercial grade product warrantied for 50,000 burning hours.

IBA Poultry Bulb Specifications

Wattage: 9.9W

Kelvin: 3,000 or 5,000 (5K statistically proven for better weight gain)

Lumens: 900

Heat Sync: Heavy Duty Aluminum

Dimmability: 97%

Input Voltage: 120v AC 60Hz

Working Temperature: -4 - 105 Degrees

IP Standard: 64 (Washable)

Warranty: 50,000 Hours

If you would like to learn more about the IBA Poultry Bulb, please feel free to contact us at or call us at 434-566-2109. Once you have tested these bulbs in one of your houses, you will see for yourself why the major poultry houses are all coming to IBA. If you would like to talk to other poultry farmers who are using this IBA bulb, we would be happy to arrange that too.

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