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Poor Quality, Misleading Advertising and Unsubstantiated Warranties in the LED Commercial Space

As a direct manufacturer, IBA LED consistently demands the highest quality for all of our products. For this reason we ONLY manufacture commercial industrial grade products. While developing our product line, our engineers use only the best mean well drivers and aluminum heat syncs. This allows IBA to provide a 50,000 hour full replacement warranty on all of its products. Each product is DLC rated and UL approved giving our clients the peace of mind in knowing they are purchasing the best possible commercial grade lighting product on the market.

Unfortunately, we are finding many US distributors to be selling poor quality residential lighting in the commercial industrial space. While they should be directing their focus towards providing a quality product and standing behind with a warranty they can honor, they choose to cheapen the product with a poor driver, plastic and low-end LED chips. They warranty the product for 5 years or 50,000 hours at an estimated burning time of three hours a day.

The bottom line is that many reputable distributors are inflating their pricing and cheapening the quality of their products. If your looking for a commercial grade lighting product give IBA a call today at 434-566-2109.

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