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Overdrive Poultry Bulbs Underperforming

Over the past week we have had three major poultry clients contact us with serious concerns regarding the Overdrive Poultry Bulb underperforming. On their packaging Overdrive is promising a product that is warrantied for 40,000 hours. However, in the fine print they indicate the product is meant for indoor use only and warrantied for the full 40k if the bulb is burning for just 3 hours a day.

Overdrive states the product is "Ideal for poultry houses, especially broiler and layer operations. However, the bulb is clearly not commercial grade with very little heat sink, low end drivers and issues with dimming.

IBA has spent many years on the development of our poultry bulb. We have worked with some of the industries top executives and engineers to create a bulb specifically for the poultry industry with over 10 years of success. We offer a true 50,000 hour warranty with a heavy duty heat sink and a smooth 97% dimming range using a top quality driver.

If you are in the poultry industry and looking for a commercial industrial product, developed by some of the top players in the industry, please give us a call today at 434-566-2109.

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