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Lexington Horse Park Renovation (Anderson Coliseum)

IBA is honored to announce our partnership as a supplier for LED lighting with the Virginia Horse Park as they renovate their entire facility. IBA's products and services were exclusively chosen by the project committee as the #1 choice going forward for all of their lighting needs. VHP's priority is to transform their entire show grounds into a state of the art, energy efficient facility.

We have just completed the custom renovation of Anderson Coliseum that has the ability to seat up to 4,000 spectators. The unfortunate deterioration at the facility along with its outdated lighting were in dire need of replacement as seen in the photo below.

While partnering with Gibson Engineering LLC, IBA provided a state of the art photometric using a combination of 240W, 150W and100W High Bay Lighting fixtures. These photometrics allow the contractors and project managers to view foot candles and potential shadowing that may need to be addressed in specific areas.

As renovations continue over the next two years IBA is looking forward to providing the highest quality products and services to VHP. We will continue to provide updates

as we assist in upgrading additional indoor and outdoor arenas, barns and office buildings.

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