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How to Retrofit a 2’X4′ Troffer in Less Than Five Minutes

When replacing your old 2’x4′ drop-in fixture you have two options in doing so. The first option is to remove the old fixture completely, housing and all replacing it with a completely new fixture. This is very labor intensive since you are removing the old fixture and installing a new complete fixture. This in itself can be challenging and take a long time . The second option is to remove interior components only in the old fixture leaving the existing box in the ceiling then simply dropping in a new retrofit troffer. This troffer fixture will look brand new exactly like a new complete fixture once installed. You cannot tell the difference from a new complete troffer when compared to the retrofit we recommend.

Simply view this link and you will see how quick and easy it is to install these retrofit fixtures. Contractors replacing these old fixtures with a new retrofit troffer are experiencing great success simply do too the fact that their project quotes to their customers are more competitive in price. These projects also are more profitable for the contractor, as well.

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