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Converting Baseball & Football Field to LED Lighting

IBA LED is currently in the process of converting a multi-use baseball and football field in Orange County, Virginia to LED Lighting. The existing halogen fixtures have been failing year after year resulting in shadows throughout the field. In one instance the county had an unfortunate mishap when all of the stadium lights failed during the 3rd quarter of a high school football game. Luckily, after a brief delay, the maintenance team was able to get the power back on. Of coarse once they had power they then only needed to wait for the Halogen lights to warm up to full strength in order to finished the game. LED is instant On/Off no delays.

With the list of maintaining their existing lights growing year after year and maintenance costs rising the county finally decided to upgrade the facility. IBA has partnered with the lead electrical contractor to install state of the art, commercial grade fixtures, fully warrantied for 50,000 hours.

With poles ranging from 60' to 125' in height, we were able to have our partners at Reese Tower Services use their state of the art drone to examine the existing poles & fixtures, The entire process took less than 45 minutes . Our clients and electrical contractor were amazed with the results.

After analysis we were able to put together a detailed photometric for the electrical contractor detailing all the fixtures necessary to meet the county's specification. This also assisted the contractor in quoting the cost of the job. IBA LED significantly increased the amount of light emitted to the field of play by installing 50 units of our 1000 Watt Flood Lights and an additional 5 units of our 800 Watt Flood Lights to their existing poles. Orange county required far fewer lights then they presently have now.This also reduce the current wattage of 106,000 down to only 54,000 significantly reducing electrical costs, to the county. In total our new flood lights now spread over the field 700,000 lumens with an average of 50fc on the playing field while eliminating all shadows.

Please stay tuned throughout the summer for additional updates as construction progresses.

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