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Brighten up your barn with Commercial Grade LED Lighting

Many farmers and Equestrian customers IBA has worked with consistently complain about the poor quality of lighting in and around their barns, storage sheds and paddocks. IBA has had great success in improving all that especially in old barns and arenas.

Many farmers find themselves dealing with significant shadowing in Isles, wash stalls, stalls, hay lofts, tack rooms and exterior area lighting of their barns. In cold weather facilities lighting was a major issue. LED loves the cold weather. In most cases we found the interior lighting to be totally outdated. These outdated lights were never designed for moist environment that they are installed. In addition, they were installed on low lying ceilings in areas such as hay lofts and tack rooms which can be potentially dangerous.

We recommended replacing the existing tube lighting with our 5000K 4' Sealed Fixtures in the isles and wash stalls eliminating shadowing or our cobb bulbs that work well installed in jelly jars

For tack rooms, hay lofts and shed's we also suggest our 5000K Indoor/Outdoor Cobb Bulb that come in a variety of wattages. With a 360 degree beam angle, the Cobb Bulb completely eliminates all shadowing and provides a safe work environment.

Depending on the size of the barn we recommended our 18W - 36W LED Wall Packs paired with strategically placed 10W - 30W Flood Lights.

Our clients saw a significant decrease in their electrical costs and were amazed by the visual difference LED made. The commercial grade and durability of IBA's products paired with our 50,000 hour warranty, provided our clients the peace of mind in knowing these fixtures were not going to fail under any circumstances.

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