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Does your distributor manufacture their own products? Are they outsourcing? Know before you buy!

One major misconception consumers have is that all LED products are the same simply put, LED is LED. Unfortunately, this couldn't be further from the truth. Misleading marketing tactics and false warranty promises on the packaging sway contractors to purchase poorly engineered LED products. These lights have little chance of living up to the warranties that are promised.

Many contract distributors and big box stores are strictly focused on profit margins rather than quality LED products. Importers pressure China manufacturers so badly when it comes to production costs that true LED factories in China are forced to use low-end drivers, plastic instead of aluminum heat sink and LED chips that simply do not perform well. These tactics are used in order to cut costs while improving profit margins with little regards at all concerning quality, for the end consumer.

In many cases the true loser is the electrical contractor since he has to keep returning to the job site in order to replace the LED lights he installed that failed.

In most situations U.S. distributors are not working directly with the actual LED manufacturer in China, they are utilizing a third party broker to source products. These brokers mainly work with company's that source components and assemble finished LED. This method of doing business results U.S. distributors having little control over the consistency and quality of the products they are supplying to their contractors.

As a manufacturer in China with over 20+ years experience, we at IBA remove the middle man completely and work direct with our hand picked factories in producing our line of products. Specializing only in Industrial Commercial Grade LED Products we pride ourselves on providing our clients with a quality product at a competitive price. Our engineers work rigorously to ensure our products are UL approved and DLC rated while living up to our true 50,000 hour warranty with no fine print. Our company refuses to sell or manufacture an inferior product since customer satisfaction is guaranteed.

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